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Pay for Aircraft Private Hire

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The Ultimate Thrill Ride Extra 300 is only available for solo Private Hire to experienced pilots that pass an initial check flight or have successfully completed our aerobatics course (call for details) and an Extra 300 check flight. Our check flight will require the pilot to demonstrate safe operation of the aircraft in Class D airspace, normal and aerobatic flight including upright and inverted spin recovery. For insurance reasons, minimum requirements for solo private hire operation are: flying membership of the Australian Warbirds Association (www.australianwarbirds.com.au/‎), a minimum of 200 hours total flying experience and must maintain a 30 day currency on type and also complete a 30 minute dual check flight every 180 days.

Unless you have an approved corporate account with us, payment of your flying / training must be settled in full immediately following your last flight / lesson of the day. Pay below with your credit card or PayPal account (this is a secure payment facility).

Payment Instructions –

  1. Press the ‘Add to Cart’ button below for Solo or Dual Aircraft Hire (as applicable).  The item will appear in your Shopping Cart at the top right of the page.
  2. Adjust the Shopping Cart Item Quantity box to the aircraft hire  time (air switch + 0.2) in 1/100ths of an hour. For examples : for 0.85 hours  enter ’85′, for 1.2 hours enter ’120′) then press enter. The Quantity (hire time) and Price will then update. Press your browser ‘back button’ to return to the previous screen.
  3. Press the ‘Add to Cart’ button for Landing Fees and enter the number of landings (circuits count as one landing) in the ‘Quantity’ box then press enter.  The Quantity (number of landings) and price for YBSU landing fees will then update for this item. Press your browser ‘back button’  to return to the previous screen and repeat the process to add briefings if applicable.
  4. Review your Shopping Cart.  Make sure the items and total amount in your Shopping Cart is correct, then press the “Check Out with PayPal” button.
  5. You will then be directed to the payment window where you can make a secure payment using your credit card or PayPal account.  A PayPal account is NOT REQUIRED!  Just click the option “Pay by credit card” and fill in the requested details.
  6. PayPal will automatically email a payment receipt to you.
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[accordian class=”” id=””][toggle title=”Private Hire (Solo): $588.00 p/h ” open=”yes”]
[/toggle][toggle title=”Private Hire (Dual Check): $695.00 p/h” open=”yes”]
[/toggle][toggle title=”Landing (YBSU) & Airservices Fees : $30.00″ open=”yes”]
[/toggle][toggle title=”Long Briefing (40-45 minutes): $70.00″ open=”yes”]
[/toggle][toggle title=”Short Briefing (15-20 minutes): $35.00″ open=”no”]
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