We have many options!  RPC + Nav to RPL + Advanced Pilot Skills, Aerobatics & Spin Recovery Training!  Then build hours towards a CPL ‘very economically’ in our high performance Sting RG!

The Sunshine Coast Flying School’s Chief Flying Instructor (CFI), Colin Appleton, is one of Australia’s most experienced aerobatics instructors.  He holds a CASA Part 61 Instructor Rating, specialising in Aerobatics, Spin Recovery and Emergency Manoeuvre (EMT) training.  He is also a highly experienced Recreational Aviation Australia (RAA) CFI and Senior Instructor.   Colin offers the most comprehensive training courses available in Queensland! Courses include: Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC), with an easy transition to a CASA pilot license (*RPL), advanced handling, aerobatics and spin recovery. (NOTE: From 12 Nov 2018 will be relocating to a new training facility at the Sunshine Coast Airport! )

  • Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) Course

  • RPC Cross Country, CSU Propeller & Retractable U/C Endorsements

  • Recreational Pilot License (*RPL) conversion & Flight Review Assessment

  • Design Feature Endorsements: MPPC, RU, TWUC

  • Unusual Attitude Recovery & Emergency Manoeuvre Training

  • Aerobatics Endorsement (AERO)

  • Low level Aerobatics Endorsements (A150, A100 and A050)

  • Upright Spin Recovery Endorsement (SPIN)

  • Extra 300 Type Conversion 

  • “Difficult Tail-dragger’s” – Earn a “real” TWU Endorsement! (Extra300) 

  • ADF Flight Screening Preparation Course

  • Upright and Inverted Spin Recovery Training

  • Basic through Advanced Aerobatics Training

  • Aerobatic Competition Coaching (your aircraft or ours!

* if required CTR and CTA endorsements are provided by our Part 141 partners