Aerobatics & Spin Recovery Training  – Learn at the  Sunshine Coast Aero Club!

Club member Colin Appleton, the owner of the club’s Extra 300 and Robin R2160 aircraft, is one of Australia’s most experienced aerobatics pilots.  He holds a CASA Part 61 Specialist Aerobatics and Spinning Instructor Rating and is a Senior Instructor at the Sunshine Coast Aero Club’s flying school.  The club offers the most comprehensive advanced handling and aerobatics training courses available in Queensland!

  • Unusual Attitude Recovery Training
  • Basic Aerobatics Endorsement (AERO)
  • Low level Aerobatics Endorsements (A150, A100 and A050)
  • Basic Spinning Endorsement (SPIN)
  • Extra 300 Type Conversion 
  • “Difficult Tail-dragger’s” – Earn a “real” TWU Endorsement! (Extra300) 
  • ADF Flight Screening Preparation Course
  • Upright and Inverted Spin Recovery Training
  • Basic through Advanced Aerobatics Training
  • Aerobatic Competition Coaching (your aircraft or ours!)