All about the Ultimate Thrill Ride

The “Ultimate Thrill Ride”, operates from the Sunshine Coast Aero Club (formally the Maroochy Aero Club) located at the Sunshine Coast Airport. Founded by Colin Appleton in June 2011, the idea for the Ultimate Thrill Ride, like many good ideas, came about while chatting in a Sydney bar with a beer in hand.  A small group of aerobatics pilots were talking about competition aerobatics and why the sport is virtually unknown to most Australians.  All agreed a major factor is that it is impossible for those that have not experienced it to relate to what high performance aerobatic aircraft and competition aerobatic pilots actually do.  Unlike Motorsports, there is very little opportunity for them to experience this.

‘Joy flights’ have been around for almost as long as aircraft have been flying, however, doing a ‘loop the loop’ and a few rolls is a long way from what the sport of competition aerobatics is all about. The RED BULL AIR RACE has helped to promote awareness of the high performance aerobatic aircraft currently used but it is an ‘air race’ with very few aerobatic maneuvers involved. So, after another beer, the group came to the conclusion that, if the technical aspects of competition aerobatics are put to one side, what is left  is best described as the “Ultimate Thrill Ride” and the idea for an exciting  adventure flight business was born!! To our knowledge there is nothing quite like the Ultimate Thrill Ride anywhere in Australia. Until now only a select few have had the opportunity to fly in a high performance unlimited aerobatic aircraft,  like our beautiful Extra 300,  in the hands of a skilled competition aerobatics pilot.

Unlike some theme park rides, the objective of the Ultimate Thrill Ride is not to throw you around until you turn green!   Just the opposite (although we give you a barf bag, just in case!).  Colin Appleton and all the Ultimate Thrill Ride pilots want everyone who flies with them to enjoy the experience. Our pilots will talk you through everything that’s happening and adapt each flight to make sure you get the maximum enjoyment out of the experience. It is still an extreme experience, with ‘G’ forces reaching +7G and -4G,  that will take you outside your comfort zone if you are up for it!  You may feel the need to scream (or swear), but you will know what is happening and that YOU can slow the action down at any time!  ’Mild, Wild or Insane’  it’s your call!

Your safety is our primary concern and our aircraft is maintained and operated to strict safety standards. Our pilots are all seasoned aerobatics pilots and include current serving and ex RAAF pilots so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Thank you for looking at our web site and we hope to see you soon for YOUR “Ultimate Thrill Ride” with us.

The Aircraft

Extra 300 Serial #010 Empty Weight 670kg, Max Speed: 220kts (407 kph),  Max Rate of Climb 3,200′ ft p/m, Max Loading (G Force) +10G / -10G, Max Roll Rate 370 deg/sec.  Manufactured by Extra Flugzeughau in Huenze, Germany, the Extra 300 aircraft was designed specifically for unlimited aerobatics and is operating in many countries with Air Force display teams and is used by competition aerobatic pilots worldwide. The Extra 300 is renowned for its strength and performance. Our Extra 300 is Serial N0. 010. This aircraft was one of an order of six built to military specification and delivered to the Chilean Air Force aerobatic display team in 1990. It has been flying in Australia since 2007 and has won a number of Australian State and National Aerobatic competitions.

The Pilots

Flying high performance aerobatic aircraft like the Extra 300 safely and skillfully requires far more training, experience and skill than the average pilot. All our pilots have many years experience in competition aerobatics, winning and placing in many Australian State and National competitions over the years. Some are current serving and ex RAAF pilots. When you take the Ultimate Thrill Ride you can be sure you are in the safe hands of one of Australia’s top aerobatic pilots.

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